From Chuck D. Pierce

Blessings to all of you long-time friends and ministry partners. Lots of change is in the air. After I became Vice President of Global Harvest Ministries, Peter and I began to model an apostolic/prophetic relationship for the Body of Christ. When Peter turned 80, the relationship changed. Along with Peter and Doris, we started a new network ministry called Global Spheres, Inc., and our modeling relationship changed. I became President and Peter became Vice President as he and Doris made their transition from Global Harvest Ministries to Global Spheres, Inc. They also “passed the baton” to other key apostolic leaders in all the ministries they had created. This was a good representation of the way apostles and prophets make their shift. Additionally, Peter and Doris moved their residence from Colorado to Texas. The Lord had instructed me to make sure they were taken care of until the end of their earthly lives.

During the first decade of this millennium, Peter began speaking about the importance of Apostolic Centers for the future. During this time, the Lord sovereignly led me to develop a prototypical apostolic center for all of us to have as a guide – the Global Spheres Center in Corinth, Texas. Many of you have aligned here through Global Spheres, Inc., and others of you through Glory of Zion International. On May 31, 2008, the Lord visited me and gave me great revelation about America – state by state. He showed me a Triumphant Reserve in every state. He showed me key castle-like fortresses that were embedded in some states. I know now these were apostolic centers. Then, for the future of this nation, He showed me the spiritual war and contending thrones of iniquity in each state. Peter joined the Lord six years ago on October 21, 2016. I have continued to transition from one apostolic move to the new apostolic era that we are now living in. I’ve known for some time that we must begin to develop new types of communication and methods of connecting. We have spent the last couple of years doing just that, updating our database structure and ability to communicate quickly.

Most importantly, this past year we initiated a new network called Kingdom Harvest Alliance which I have watched develop over the last 12 months. This has the best DNA of both Global Harvest Ministries as well as Global Spheres, Inc. Glory of Zion International is the umbrella for Kingdom Harvest Alliance. I also know that the time has come to shift Global Spheres, Inc. under that umbrella covering as well. Beginning January 1, 2023, Global Spheres, Inc. will become a DBA of Glory of Zion International Ministries. This gives you three options.

1. You may remain in that previous wineskin with Glory of Zion as your covering. That wineskin will be called “Global Spheres Aligned”. If you were ordained under Global Spheres Inc., this will remain effective.

2. If you wish, and have not already, you can choose to align with the new Kingdom Harvest Alliance network. You can go to our website ( and gather lots of information that I have posted concerning this new network.

3. You may see that it is your time to align somewhere else in a totally different wineskin where you can prosper in new ways.

I thank God for the history and relationship we have had in building and advancing the Kingdom of God up to this point in history. Please prayerfully consider how you want to move ahead as Kingdom wars intensify. However you advance, I send great multiplication and acceleration in all of your ministry endeavors.